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Classes & Schedules


Our classes are open to individuals aged 6 and above. If you are interested in joining, just drop by before any of the scheduled training sessions listed below and have a chat with a member of our instruction team to get started.

Regular Classes


6:30PM — 8:00PM *

* Ends at 8:30PM during Summer and school vacation weeks


6:30PM — 8:30PM

Clinics & Special Trainings


8:30PM — 9:30PM


11:00AM — 1:00PM


Our fee structure is simple and inclusive: $20/month for all students. We have maintained this affordable rate since our inception, reflecting our commitment to accessibility. As Vovinam Quang Trung of Boston, Massachusetts operates entirely with the support of unpaid volunteers, every cent of the fees is invested back into the school. This covers space rental, upkeep of training and protective equipment, student scholarships, and various enrichment activities. Our goal is to ensure that Vovinam is accessible to everyone in the community.

Fun, Practical and Inclusive Training

At Vovinam Quang Trung in Boston, Massachusetts, we take great pride in the diversity and inclusiveness of not only our students but also our instructors. Our team is a unique blend of Vovinam purists, semi-professional fighters, skilled tradespeople, and professionals from a variety of fields. While we deeply honor our traditional roots, we also embrace openness in our teaching and training methods. This approach ensures a fun, practical, and inclusive learning environment for everyone.

Join the Vovinam Community in Boston and Massachusetts

If you are interested in learning more, visit our Vovinam Quang Trung martial arts school in Boston, Massachusetts during one of our practice sessions and speak with our experienced instructors.