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Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo Belt System

The Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo belt system includes the following colors: light blue/cyan (matching the uniform), blue, yellow, red, and white. Some belts feature stripes to denote degrees or 'đẳng'. Notably, the yellow belt corresponds to the international black belt, while the white belt is reserved exclusively for the Grand Master or the head of Vovinam.

Light Blue / Cyan

The student begins with a light blue/cyan belt - the same color as his/her uniform.


Stands for the factor of the sea, and the hope - the hope in being successful in learning Vovinam. With the following 3 exams, yellow stripes are added to the blue belt. The 3rd yellow stripe is followed by the yellow belt.


Stands for earth. In other martial arts this belt is black. Therefore, a Vovinam student who carries a yellow belt is allowed to carry a black belt. This makes a comparison to other martial arts easier, e.g. in public performances. A person who wears a yellow belt with one or more red stripes is considered an instructor.

Following in a longer period of time, respectively 3 red stripes are added to the yellow belt. This corresponds to the 1st, 2nd, respectively 3rd degree blackbelt (Đẳng). The exam following the 3rd red stripe is the master's exam. Passing the exam successfully assigns the right to wear a red belt with a circulating yellow border (4th degree blackbelt).


Stands for the blood and the intensive flame. The student has internalized Vovinam (Việt Võ Đạo) even further. The 5th to 10th degree blackbelt are shown as a completed red belt with 1 to 6 white stripes.


Stands for the infiniteness, the bones; is the symbol of the depth of the spirit. The white belt assigns the master the absolute mastery of Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo. On the white belt thin, lengthwise stripes in blue, black, yellow and red symbolize the whole of Vovinam (Việt Võ Đạo) again. This belt is reserved for the "Chưởng Môn".

Belt Regulations

These regulations should be observed:

  • The Vovinam belt must not touch the ground during the process of tying it.
  • After tying the belt, the loop at the back must overlap tightly.
  • The two ends of the belt at the front must be equal in length after tying.
  • Currently, all belts have the words Vovinam and Việt Võ Đạo on them. Once standardized, the word Vovinam will be on the left and Việt Võ Đạo will be on the right.