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Vovinam Vow and Pledges


Before the National Flag, symbolizing the indomitable spirit and the immortality of the nation

Before the Việt Võ Đạo Flag, symbolizing the glorious tradition and the magnanimity of the martial artist

Before the portrait of the Founder, symbolizing the spirit of sacrifice of the youth for the country and humanity

We, the new disciples, vow to follow the Founder's example:

  • To live a pure and noble life
  • To nurture a spirit of perseverance
  • To diligently practice and train

To protect the honor of the Nation
To serve the people and humanity
To build a generation of Việt Võ Đạo youth

10 Pledges

Việt Võ Đạo Student:

  1. Vow to achieve the pinnacle of martial arts to serve our nation and humanity.
  2. Vow to be steadfast in support of our school and to build a generation of Việt Võ Đạo youth.
  3. United in heart and mind, respect ranks and senority, and love fellow disciples.
  4. Absolutely respect discipline, uphold the honor of a martial artist.
  5. Respect other martial arts, only use martial arts for self-defense and to defend justice.
  6. Diligently study, cultivate the spirit, and develop moral character.
  7. Live a pure, simple, honest, and noble life.
  8. Strengthen the will of steel to overcome tyranny and violence.
  9. Be astute in judgment, tenacious in struggle, and resourceful in action.
  10. Be self-confident, self-conquering, humble, tolerant, and always self-evaluate for improvement.