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Vovinam Quang Trung Digital Library

Welcome to the Vovinam Quang Trung Library. Our objective is to compile a comprehensive collection of reference materials to support the instruction and training at our school. We owe a debt of gratitude to the numerous Vovinam masters and instructors worldwide who have contributed to the preservation of Vovinam's teachings.

Please note that the content and organization of this library are tailored to align with the training curriculum and directives of Vovinam Quang Trung. Therefore, we do not make any claims or assumptions regarding the teachings of other Vovinam schools or organizations.

To make the best out of the library, please also note:

  1. We will be using original Vietnamese names for all the forms
  2. Reference videos can be viewed by clicking on button that has a icon

Should you encounter any issues or discrepancies in any documents within this library, we welcome your feedback. Please kindly inform us by emailing

Thank you and Nghiêm Lễ.


The materials found in the "Techniques > Training Program" section of our library are designed to serve as supplementary aids for memory refreshment and should not replace in-person training with a qualified instructor or master. It's important to be aware that there may be subtle nuances in these techniques which, if executed improperly, could lead to serious injury or adversely impact your future growth and development as a martial arts student. Always prioritize guidance from a trained professional to ensure safe and correct practice.